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Who we are

We are leading importers of quality fresh European Cheeses, Cold cuts, Dry foods, and Fine foods


Buon Appetito Foods is a company specialized in importing gourmet food from 11 different countries in Europe.

For years we have built up our operations and presence in Europe and Sri Lanka through extensive product research and collaborations with globally renowned brands. Our search has taken us to the very birthplace of some of Europe’s most famous produce like Cheese and Cured Meats which we now import to Sri Lanka. We are the sole distributor in the island for many brands and have the ability to negotiate the buying price and offer highly competitive prices to the consumer. Our well-trained teams carefully handle the delicate phases of freight and Insurance, handle customs clearance procedures and maintain stringent storage to ensure the highest quality products reach our clients. Today we serve a widespread local clientele reaching all social and market segments.

Making a mark in the hospitality industry we are also a trusted supplier to many leading hotels and fine dining restaurants in the Island.

Our Mission

To deliver the world’s best and most popular gourmet food sourced from the leading brands and suppliers, to the Sri Lankan table.
To source the most authentic, gourmet foods directly from its home source and give Sri Lankans the authentic European flavors.
To make internationally-acclaimed gourmet food accessible to everyone.